We are built for one purpose – make more public art. We design, build and promote interactive, and immersive, works of wonder so we can inspire the next. From fire-shooting portals to code-talking cubes from another dimension, we live for interactive and immersive art installations.

Advancements in technology have allowed us to realize creative dreams we never thought possible, and in that spirit, we embrace the technology of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to create large-scale, tour-ready, turnkey installations and experiences.

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to delivering inspiring encounters. Whether you choose something from our current catalogue, or connect with us for a custom commission, we pride ourselves on delivering creative, robust, safe, and reliable installations and experiences.


From “origami” napkin concept at a gas station cafe on a 3 am stop on the way to your next gig, to a fully functional interactive art installation, we can build in almost any medium – wood, metal, concrete, interactive electronics, and sensors, 3D printing, custom programming, LED, and beyond.


From sketch to render, we take ideas from the creative ether and put them to pencil and screen. Whether it’s a green and purple polka dot Kraken DJ booth, a fire shooting portal, or a fully curated exhibit, we love designing inspirational experiences. 


Our production team has decades of experience in live entertainment and public presentation. We specialize in large scale, interactive art installations…and adding all the production magic to help them shine – fireballs, laser beams, cryo cannons, big sound, big lights, and anything else we can throw at it. This often entails the curation of a single area within a festival, consisting of complementary works.