As we struggle to make sense of life after the pandemic, we are looking for signs of hope and more importantly – proof our existence is meaningful. The BEACON is a light at the end of the tunnel, a reminder that there are better days on the horizon. We need to look for the good … Continued


Some of our most imaginative adventures start with a door, or portal, or a gate. Passing through these structures indicates the start of a journey beyond the known world into something…transformative. The TUNNEL is a one way trip to another side. A series of strange, 4m tall cosmic structures create a tunnel of magical light, … Continued

The ORB 2.0

The ORB is an interdimensional beacon, used by interstellar travelers to observe other worlds…or ,so we think. It appears, it glows and repeats strange, entertaining patterns and reacts to the sound of voice. It must be from another world/dimension. From a technical perspective, this marvel of custom metal work spans over 10’ in diameter covered … Continued


Fort Chinook is a symbol of strength and hope, as we deal with a deadly pandemic ravaging our world. Behind its gates is the salvation we are seeking, protection from this virus and a community building a better world in its wake. This is a beacon of hope in a tumultuous time, prompting our community … Continued


The STAR-QUARIUM is best described as a one-of-a-kind, never seen before, intergalactic aquarium. The main vessel is connected to a gateway through space and time, delivering creatures, flora, fauna and other mysteries from far away worlds. The ”tank” captures the specimens for a short period of time so our scientists, and general public,  can observe … Continued


A collaborative effort with Beakerhead, Big Art was responsible for managing the fabrication and install of this sculpture inside Batistella’s new INK building in Calgary, AB.