What does a door mean to you? Does it evoke feelings of opportunity or anxiety?  How did a door become such a metaphor for success, failure, opportunity, family, home, change, transition, and so many other moments of emotional connection? This project explores the greater meaning of a door, and its ability to change our path in life when we have the courage to open it. After all, it’s just a door.

The DOOR(S) are a BIG ART classic and fan-favourite, regardless of age. BUT we always like to bring them back in a new configuration, to keep everyone guessing. Each door contains a set of animations in a particular theme, direct from the creative minds of our animators. No two doors are ever the same with over 200 unique videos, so they’ll need to open them all to find out what…is where. Additionally, the exteriors can be adorned with items that give clues to what lies behind.

We have lots and lots of doors, and they can be configured together, or separate, and work autonomously. They can be used as a stand-alone interactive art installation, or in conjunction with other event initiatives like wayfinding. We also like the challenge of creating new versions with new features, so bring it!

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