The STARQUARIUM is best described as a one-of-a-kind, never seen before, intergalactic aquarium. The main vessel is connected to a gateway through space and time, delivering creatures, flora, fauna and other mysteries from far away worlds. The ”tank” captures the specimens for a short period of time so our scientists, and general public,  can observe these magical mysteries before they disappear back through the gate they came from.

This 22’ high, 16’ wide mega structure delivers custom 3D animated content via 560,000 video pixels and an array of intelligent lighting. You can view the entire installation in 360 degrees around and even underneath. All visitors passing by, passing underneath, or viewing from a distance will be treated to video, lighting and special fx normally reserved for touring international artists.

In the latest iteration, we have the ability to interact with guests live, prompting them to talk to the STARQUARIUM and make special requests, while C02 effects pour out of the legs each time a certain specimen is beamed into the “tank”.